Saturday, April 21, 2012

Intense Serenity


  1. Nice picture.

    As you said, if you made that HDR, it would look even better. The software I have is called Dynamic Photo HDR.

    Where did you take that picture? At el Borrego?

  2. Nice picture Joel. I'm sorry if it seems as if I just had a bot that went into every post and commented a short sentence over and over again. What else can I say? Just have in mind that I really mean my comments.

  3. I like this picture... The shades of gray, blue, and white in the sky with the browns and greens of the earth are very telling. Was this taken in El Borrego? It looks like the mountains/hills that are behind the house... would love to go back again!

  4. Thanks fot the comments. This picture is not from El Borrego, it is the first picture I took in Northern Ireland. Part of the intensity of the clouds is that rain was on the way. It is amazing how so much intensity can fit into one scene of nature.