Monday, January 24, 2011


Guest photographer: Amanda

This is another special post on the Joel Thiessen Photography blog. This picture was taken by a friend called Amanda. After some of her recent travels, she sent me this picture. When I saw it, I knew it would go on this blog. This photo is very interesting because of the angle at which it was taken. One of the ways to make photography unique and interesting is by taking it at angles not usually captured by the human eye. This angle makes the viewer feel small, magnifying the wonders of God's creation.


  1. Great picture Joel! The annotation was well said! I am honored that I would have a picture worthy of posting on a blog. God's creation is worthy to be magnified!! :D

    - the friend called Amanda :)

  2. Qué bonita foto me encanta el tono azul del cielo en combinación con el café.
    Linda foto Amanda ;)

  3. "taking it at angles not usually captured by the human eye"
    Nice picture Amanda
    The friend of "- the friend called Amanda :)" (sorry for that. i could't stop from doing it.)